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ConnOTA Board Members





Judi Sheehan

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Vice President*

John Pagano

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Stephanie Madonna Doyle

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Gus Schlegel

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Membership Chairs*

Donna Sweeney

Maggie Moriarty

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Government Affairs* Kate Keefe                                                  

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Committee Members

Member for Public Affairs

 Lisa Marie Patenaude

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Members for Professional Development

Valerie Strange

Meagan Barton

Amy Burton

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SIS Chair Donna Reed-Oliver  Email Donna
Technology SIS Liaison Karen Majeski  Email Karen
Physical Disability and    Rehab    Liaison Elizabeth Kloczko  Email Elizabeth
Mental Health Liaison Dennis Aptaker  Email Dennis
Pediatrics Liaison


Administration and           Management Liaison  Tara Glennon  Email Tara
Productive Aging Liaison Tracy Van Oss  Email Tracy
Historian Judi Sheehan  Email Judi

Administrative Assistant

 Monica Kelly


 [email protected]



AOTA Representative



Michael Urban


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Int. State Liaison

Valnere McLean

[email protected]

COTA Liaison

Maggie Moriarty

[email protected]

CT Department of Health


(860) 509-7603