8.14.19 Research Participants Needed -

Title: OT Practitioners Perceptions of Medical Marijuana

A copy of the cover letter HERE for you to view additional information on the study. 

A current occupational therapy graduate student at Worcester State University is researching OT practitioners’ perceptions toward medical marijuana use.

If you are a current OT practitioner, who is working in the state of Connecticut and interested in taking this survey please click the link below. This study has been approved by the Worcester State University Institutional Review Board.


6.25.19 - Research Participants Needed!  I am recruiting OT participants for my research study.  If you, or if you know an OT, who is working or has worked with a student enrolled in a K-12 school where a shooting has occurred, please reach out!  The shooting does NOT have to be considered a “mass shooting”; it could be a single shot fired with no injury, a mass shooting, or anything between.  My research is exploring the feeling of preparedness of OTs working with the rising population of students exposed to school shootings.  There have been over 20 incidents so far this year, and 82 in 2018.  However, I am looking for OTs who have worked with a client enrolled in a school where a shooting occurred anytime in the past 10 years, no matter the treatment diagnosis of your client or where you treated them (school, clinic, home).

My email address is [email protected] or [email protected] Please reach out if you have any further questions.



For Immediate Release
Contact: Jessica Chaiken, Media and Information Services Manager, NARIC 301-459-5900, x1114, [email protected]

Tyler Matney, Project Director, AbleData 703-356-8035, x114 [email protected]

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NIDILRR is an institute of the Administration of Community Living at the US Department of Health and Human Services whose focus is applied research, training, development, and capacity building to improve the lives of people with disabilities. Accomplishing NIDILRR's mission is a first step on the journey toward ensuring that individuals with disabilities have the opportunity to participate fully in every aspect of society. NIDILRR’s staff and its grantees are committed to generating new knowledge and promoting its effective use in improving the ability of people with disabilities to perform activities of their choice in the community and expanding the nation’s capacity to provide full opportunities and accommodations for its citizens with disabilities. Through NARIC and AbleData, NIDILRR fulfills this commitment by providing the public, and especially the disability community, with two sources for reliable information.

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Research for the Promotion and Advancement of OT!

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Any reports of abuse of participants will result in disciplinary action upon review if researchers have been noted to been breaking from protocol or placing participants at risk. 

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