Member Benefits

Professional Advocacy to protect the occupational therapy scope of practice for practice and employment opportunities in the State of Connecticut.

ConnOTA members receive:

  • Discounts on all ConnOTA conferences.
  • Quarterly in-services providing free Contact Hours.
  • For student members, the ability to apply for scholarship awards.

 Lobbyist Support

One of ConnOTA's most important member benefits is the lobbying we do for legislative issues important to CT occupational therapy practitioners.  For an update on current ConnOTA initiatives please see our legislative page for members. If you would like to know more about past legislative victories, please contact us.

Participation in the ConnOTA Mentor Program

Participation in the ConnOTA Job Shadow Program

Participation in up to 3 Special Interest Sections

Eligibility to be nominated for the ConnOTA Awards Program or to Nominate a fellow OT

Join Today!

The Connecticut Occupational Therapy Association is the only organization in the state dedicated to protect and promote the advancement of Occupational Therapy while serving the needs of our members and consumers of our service.


1.  Occupational Therapist:

This membership category is for a graduate of a Bachelors, Master’s or Doctorate Program in Occupational Therapy.  Three levels of Membership are available.

OTR - 1 Year Membership - $75  
OTR - 2 Year Membership - $140 
OTR - 3 Year Membership - $180

2. Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant: 

This membership category is for a graduate of an Associate Program in Occupational Therapy.  Three levels of Membership are available.

COTA - 1 Year Membership - $70
COTA - 2 Year Membership - $130
COTA - 3 Year Membership - $165

3.  Student: 

This membership category is for a student in a full-time Doctorate, Master or Associate Degree school who does not currently hold an OT or OTA license.  Three levels of Membership are available.

Student - 1 Year – $20.00
Student - 2 Years - $30.00 
Student - 3 Years - $45.00

4.  Retired Occupational Therapist or Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant: This membership category is for someone over 62 who no longer is employed as an OT in an earning capacity.

Retired Therapist – 1 Year   $20.00          
Retired Therapist– 2 Year       $30.00          
Retired Therapist – 3 Year - $45.00 

5.  Associate Membership: This membership category is for individuals who are interested in supporting occupational therapy who do not hold a license to practice as an Occupational Therapist or Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant.

Annual Membership Dues:  $70.00 

6.  Organizational Member: This membership category was established for organizations, institutions or agencies interested in Occupational Therapy. 

Annual Membership Dues:  $500.00

Benefits Include:

Advertising and Marketing

  • Website Advertising
    • One free link on our website to your organization for one year -  a $720.00 value

  • Conference Advertising
    • ½ page Ad in Conference Manual – a $150.00 Value

 Organization Benefits

  • Company Recognition as an organizational member for one year on ConnOTA website – a $720.00 value
  • One free e-mail to all members advertising a conference – invaluable


  • $50.00 discount for exhibit booth at ConnOTA’s Annual Conference
  • One member within the organization receives a  25% discount to ConnOTA conferences for one year.

7.   Lifetime Member:  The Lifetime Membership category was established to recognize the careers of individuals who are retiring after years of active employment in the profession of occupational therapy. Qualifications include: over 62 years old, retired from at least 20 years of employment as an OT or COTA, no longer employed, does not plan to return to employment in the future, and has been a member of ConnOTA for at least 15 years.  Please contact ConnOTA if you would like to be considered as a lifetime member.

8.  Voluntary Contributions:  Your donations assist our organization in supporting in the scholarship program, government affairs initiatives, the general fund and membership initiatives and are certainly appreciated!


Contributions or gifts to the Connecticut Occupational Therapy Association are not tax deductible as charitable contributions for income tax pur­poses. However, they may be tax deductible as ordinary and necessary business expenses.