Research for the Promotion and Advancement of OT!

This page is reserved to attache links to surveys for IRB approved research projects. To submit a request to have your survey linked here, please send an email [email protected] including the background of the study, IRB approval, and links or surveys for your research. These will be reviewed and those topics that are in align with the promotion and advancement of OT will be accepted. Links to all topics will be posted on the page and shared with ConnOTA members via Facebook. This page is restricted to those with ConnOTA usernames only to access our page. All disclosures must be presented stating any potential risks or harm to participants along with if any compensation is provided to those who participate in the research. Please note that any research that is promoting a product or funded by the proprietor must be disclosed and will most likely not be accepted. Upon the completion of the study, Principle investigators are expected to send a summary of their results to post with their topic to disseminate information related to their topic. 

Any reports of abuse of participants will result in disciplinary action upon review if researchers have been noted to been breaking from protocol or placing participants at risk. 

Participants who volunteer to participate with a study listed on this page do so knowing it is at their own risk and that ConnOTA does not have any affiliation or sponsorship with the researcher. Please note that sharing your private information is at your own risk and we would strongly encourage you to not share any sensitive information if requested by the researchers such as date of birth, social security numbers or credit card information etc.