Become a Shadow Host:     

A great way to get involved in your association!!

ConnOTA welcomes clinicians from all areas of practice to share their skills and knowledge with individuals who are exploring a career in Occupational Therapy.  Whether you can share your time 1:1 for an interview (in person or phone), or can host an individual at your workplace for patient observation or introduction to the clinic environment, we welcome your time as a job shadow volunteer!

*If you have preliminary orientation or back ground checks required for your site, please advise the individual and facilitate the process.


Some suggestions we have to make this a successful experience: 

*Review privacy/HIPPA guidelines. 

*Review general education and fieldwork required to become an Occupational Therapist/Assistant. 

*Suggest names of local schools/ web sites and recommend seeking further information from AOTA .

*Briefly orient individual to your facility/organization and your role.

*Review other practice settings that an Occupational Therapist may work. 

*Facilitate structured patient observation sessions with permission of client. 

*Describe the benefits of participating in your state association (ConnOTA). (Reduced rates for the semi annual conferences, free CEU credits as part of the SIS programs, access to member only areas and resources on the ConnOTA website, volunteer and leadership opportunities, protection of scope of practice through our paid lobbyist)

*Be sure to keep your contact information with us current (email and name of site)

*Join ConnOTA yourself!

Are you interested in becoming  a ConnOTA Job Shadow Host? 

Contact [email protected]