History of ConnOTA

ConnOTA, initially called the Connecticut Occupational Therapy Society, was founded by Kathryn Root, a supervisor of Home Economics education who originally came from Stamford, CT. Ms. Root also served as the organization's first president. The initial meeting was held in 1923.

Judith Sheehan, OTR/L,the ConnOTA historian, holds our archives which contain a variety of photos, articles, documents, newsletters, annual reports, and other miscellaneous documents of interest. Contact the historian at [email protected] to view or add to the archives.

The following documents from the ConnOTA archives are available for your to view.  Please do enjoy the 'travel through time'.

History of ConnOTA 1915-1939
~ written by Chris McVeigh-Lynch

Print Version of Radio Broadcast from 1932

Ode to CT OTA 1923-32
~ Written by BJP

In nineteen hundred and twenty three,
When many of you were in infancy,
Inspiration flowed to one whose name
We honor for its OT fame.

Kathryn Root proclaimed the idea 
That OT was a fine career;
Throughout the state her message pealed,
Accompanied by infectious zeal.

Meetings were held in various places
Linking OT with medical phases,
And glorifying the craft worker,
Especially the basket maker.


Historical Documents

1926 OT Brochure

Bulletin 1933

Bulletin Fall 1933 - depression years

1935 Annual Meeting

1936 Registration of OT's

1939 Newsletter

1949 Yearly Summary

1955 Historian Report

1959 Historian Report

1960 Historian Report


History 1925-1965

1967-68 Annual Report

1971 Annual Report

1979 Newsletter (beginning of CT OT licensure)

Historical List of Board Members